From Donald McQuisten- our 64 year old graduate.!
“Don is very happy that he is getting a diploma. People have told him he would never get it done. He has told me that he has regretted quitting school and not finishing. He said that he couldn’t have done it without Summit’s help and support.”

From Pam Whetstone-
“Summit has been a blessing for us this year! With the kind of busy and dedicated life that Mimi leads, Summit’s curriculum has provided her with the structure, motivation, and accountability she needs to stay as focused & disciplined with her schoolwork, as she is with other areas of her life.
From Phyllis Orth-
“This is Nathan’s final report card. He has completed all his courses, worked hard, and ended early. He did very well on his ACT, (scored a 32), and his SAT, (1340 was his score). He is listed in Who’s Who Among American High School Students 2003-2004. He will be attending Carroll College in Waukesha, WI this fall. He received the Carroll Trustee Scholarship, and Garfield/Kennan History Scholarship.
We are very pleased with how Nathan has matured, how hard he has worked, and what he has accomplished. We wish to thank you for your service to our home school. The need for transcripts and a credited diploma are truly priceless….

From Mary Batson-
“I hope you can use this in your newsletter or from some encouragement to someone.
Summit has been a really good thing for us. This is our second time graduating a student with you, and though we had been using another Christian curriculum, John remembered what Summit had been like for Holly (’97) and requested that he do his last two years of high school from Summit also. Here’s why it was an answer to a real need in our situation: John is a quick learner, and has a strong need to be active and moving, like most 17 yr.olds. Using your curriculum gave him more independence and self- responsibility that he would have had otherwise, because the format is so easily understood. The lifepacs gave him a sense of achievement as he “knocked them off” one by one, until he was up to the tenth, the review lifepac. Summit was so helpful in giving us guidelines to be able to utilize the time he was already putting into community service as a volunteer fireman, as well as working some in his Dad’s fishing business and the town hardware store. It was great being able to use his activity in the youth symphony and music lessons as a high school credit.
For me, the clarity of the directions given regarding high school requirements was great. But the best part, truly, was whenever I needed to call, there was a LIVE person on the other end, kind and helpful and reassuring, no matter what. I never waited long for a call back whenever I missed Sharon or had to leave a message.
You all have been great. We praise God for the Christian folks He has given to minister for Him in the way you have.


Alpha Omega LIFEPAC Curriculum
Summit Christian Academy has been a distributor of the Alpha Omega LIFEPAC curriculum since we were founded in l981. This curriculum was created over an eighteen month period by a dedicated team of 250 Christian academic writers, 146 of them holding masters’ degrees and 46 of them with their Ph.D. degrees in education. All writers had a minimum of five years teaching experience. These educators were commissioned to create and develop a curriculum that would be superior academically, as well as foster in students a love for learning. The entire curriculum has been revised with color added through grade ten during the past two years.

The five major subjects include Bible, Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies. In addition, there are several electives for the secondary students.

The LIFEPAC System
The individual units of study in the Alpha Omega plan are called LIFEPACS. Ten LIFEPACS comprise a year’s study in any course. Each LIFEPAC booklet takes approximately three weeks to master.

LIFEPAC materials are determined by testing, not by traditional grades. Once students have been tested, they are placed properly in each subject according to their competency. Each student progresses from that point as they master each LIFEPAC sequence.

The program is centered on individual workbooks. Students work on their own, with reinforcement and review from the parent. The materials go beyond simple rote and recall by encouraging the student to grasp the abstract concepts behind each lesson.

Christian Integration
The entire curriculum is Bible-based with an emphasis on Christian values.

Spiritual truths are skillfully woven throughout the lessons so students have Christian principles reinforced with the Math or English skills being taught in the lesson.

Controversial theology or individual denominational doctrines are studiously avoided. The emphasis is on the overriding Christian themes and values that are present in all denominations.


Review the information For the cost of tuition and curriculum, enrollment agreement and authorization form.
There are two ways to enroll:
1. Charge to your VISA, MASTER CARD or DISCOVER – If you are using your VISA, MASTER CARD OR DISCOVER, call 1-800-362-9180. Your enrollment information will be taken over the telephone and your enrollment fee, testing fee (grades 3-12), and tuition can be charged to your credit card. You must also complete and sign the enrollment form and authorization agreement and return them to us by mail or fax. (Your student is not considered officially enrolled until this information is received.

2. Pay by Check or Money Order – If you prefer, you may send a personal check or money order to our mailing address here. Your payment should include the enrollment fee, testing fee (grades 3-12), and tuition payment (annual, semester, quarter or monthly). Complete and sign the enrollment form and authorization agreement and send it along with your payment). (Your student is not considered officially enrolled until this information is received).

** Please contact our office at our toll-free number to receive the payment amount for tuition if you choose a payment plan of semester, quarterly or monthly.


Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery from the time the order is placed. UPS deliveries can only be made to complete street address. UPS cannot deliver to PO Boxes -4th class postage will be used in this case.
Academic testing

For those students enrolling in Summit Christian Academy, and are in grades 3-12, we do require you complete the Academic testing before your curriculum is ordered. This ensures proper placement in each course. For grades 1 and 2, testing is not mandatory, but is available if you feel it would benefit your child. You may read more about Academic Testing here.
High school electives and supplemental materials

You may order supplemental materials by calling us at 1-800-362-9180 and request a catalog.
State Law Requirements

We are not able to legally advise you regarding your state’s home school requirements. It is your responsibility to meet and fulfill your state’s home school laws. If you need information on a home school organization in your state, please contact our office at 1-800-362-9180.
Return Policy

A full product refund (less shipping and a 10% restocking fee) will be made for any unused, undamaged items returned within 60 days of invoice date. We cannot accept returns after 60 days from invoice date. Send returns to Summit Christian Academy NOT Alpha Omega Publications.

Add 10% for orders over $500 and 12% for orders $499.99 and under. There is a $6.50 minimum charge. 1st class postage – add 25% freight, 2nd day air – add 25% freight. PO Box is mailed 4th class.


Enrollment Now Open for 2015-2016!
Summit On-Line Academy Utilizing Alpha Omega SOS 2.0 R2 CD-ROM curriculum
Summit’s Umbrella Academy – Academic Placement Testing required for grades 3-12- Contact us ASAP to begin this process if you are desiring to begin your school year in August/Sept.
Call 1-800-362-9180 for more information. Summit’s July Newsletter is now available and includes a Summer Saleon some of your favorites! Read about it by clicking here. Back to school special! 15% Discount on all new Switched on Schoolhouse 2.0 R2. (Free Shipping on all orders over $200 after discount).

Welcome to Summit Christian Academy On-Line.  We have been serving the home school community since 1981 and now have expanded to include an on-line school option based on the popular Switched On Schoolhouse interactive CD-ROM curriculum.  At Summit, we are committed to helping parents provide their children with a high quality Christian based education.  We are nationally accredited and offer programs for students in kindergarten through high school.

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